For a New Membership or Renewal click on the link below, click the center ‘tab’ Memberships and follow the prompts.


Note: All New Memberships are subject to Committee Approval.


Once accepted by the committee a ‘Working with Children’ (WWC) card is required to complete your membership.  Contact Roger Chapman through the web site email for details on how to obtain this.


The WWC card is a mandatory requirement of Cornish College as the MRCHC is located on school grounds.


Any membership queries please contact either Roger Chapman (Treasurer) or Brett Dargue (Assist Treasurer) through the ‘Contacts’ page on this web site.


The MRCHC Club Fees for 2021/2022 are as follows:


Annual Membership Fees (June 2022 to end of June 2023)

Full $125.00
Junior $58.00
Pensioner $58.00
Associate $58.00



Full $144.00
Junior $72.00
Pensioner $144.00
Associate n/a

Once off joining fee of $40 is applicable for all new members

If  joining after 1 January 2023, club membership and VMAA fees are halved.

Associate Membership is for a non flying membership