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Blood vessels. These form an anastomosing system in the test. Numerous branches near the /n n ;ular uilae I! ci oscleres M: 4' lie sheath megascleres Fig. 2. Herdmania. VS. test. 'vV small ,-imepbnd ooswwfAlojs large eosiriophilous s | bcii-'dl v a c u o l a r < granular „• squamous epithelial x small newe Fig. 3. Herdmania. Different types of cells found in test. -uifrct form ova! ie tc *pons hie to r ltd patches Msible on trie surface or test, m e ampmtae serve as accessory respiratory as well as receptor organs, being connected to nerve cells.

The latter receives a lateral proboscis vein from each side of proboscis and then opens into the central sinus. The excretory organ is glomerulus or proboscis gland lying in front of the central sinus and projecting into the proboscis coelom. It is made up of several blind tubular projections formed by the peritoneum covering the buccal diverticulum, central sinus and heart vesicle The tubular projections contain blood confluent with that of central sinus. The excretory peritoneal cells of glomerulus contain yellow or brown granules, Worm great and Balanoglossus I 25 : A Tongue Worm considered closer to the Chordata as well as' most non-chordate phyla by different workers from time to time.

H^inelcns. ' < m the p u i s ot body except tne heart. eh, \ t u ^ m i n< o varieties. 5 mm in length. They I with pointed ends. Each swelling in the middle acquiring thr characteristic pipette-like appearance. d with 20-60 equally spaced rings ol somes. 11»> Ih(n>>cie^cs\ These die \eiy small u> S'A. ia,t and \ ttptrtnj, boav Hie body is e, >. ieu f r a m e « o i k hkt endoskeleton 4 -, keep the iiuutie fixed to tlu. test, stiffen the walls of blood vessels to avoid their collapse, and ward off the predators.

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