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Provided by IHS under license with IEEE No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS Not for Resale IEEE Std 242-2001 INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERS The secondary devices should be checked for continuous load capability before a CT is operated above 5 A secondary current. Damage can occur in meters and relays if operated above their limits. c) d) e) f) Short-time thermal rating. The short-time thermal rating is the symmetrical rootmean-square (rms) primary current that the CT can carry for 1 s with the secondary winding short-circuited, without exceeding the limiting temperature in any winding.

75 T-12 1500 T-13 X/R To bus --``,-`-`,,`,,`,`,,`--- 37 Copyright © 2001 IEEE. All rights reserved. Copyright The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. 48 34: T11 MCC 29: T11 SEC Ident Size Mtl Conduit 1 250 Kcmil Cu PVC 3/c 1 250 Kcmil Cu C-E3 3/c 1 250 Kcmil C-E4 3/c 1 C-F1 3/c C-G1 38 Copyright © 2001 IEEE. All rights reserved. --``,-`-`,,`,,`,`,,`--- Copyright The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. 2 Computer analysis of the example system A computer analysis of the sample system and areas of interest are presented and discussed from a protection viewpoint.

The negative-sequence reactance of a synchronous generator is defined in Park’s equations as the mean of the direct and quadrature axis subtransient reactances. , 3600 r/min machines on 60 Hz systems), the direct and quadrature reactances are nearly equal; and in the absence of better data, the negative-sequence reactance may be assumed to be equal to the subtransient reactance. Zero-sequence reactance is also defined in Park’s equations, but the definition is more complex. For most machines, its value is on the order of one half of the subtransient reactance.

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