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'Ken Carey is without doubt one of the nice residing lecturers learn him, and you will have hope.'MARIANNE WILLIAMSO....

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Those who attack are part of the problem, not part of the solution. They force issues without love in their hearts and thereby promote strong and rigid attitudes on sides of imaginary fences. They encourage absolutes in positions, statements and behavior, that then become very hard for those involved to change. These are not the peacemakers. There are evils in the world wherever fear is honored as a god, but attack will not change them. Those who attack—if they persist—become what they criticize.

A woman who looks to others to define her role, indeed her very sense of who she is, is likewise out of touch with her essence, cut off from her own spiritual nature. Such individuals know that they do not know themselves. In their relationships, they are afraid that their self ignorance might be exposed. The individual with a self image to maintain is fundamentally afraid. This is why people have shields. This is why people have spears. This is why people have swords. They are afraid of coming to know something inside of themselves.

I give you the assurance that you will succeed. The age has turned. Go forth with certainty, knowing that these teachings, these Truths will be welcomed. 26 Chapter 5 The Great Separation T hrough my teachings on the hills of Galilee, nearly two thousand years ago, I planted the conceptual seeds that would prepare humankind for my Awakening. The worst effects of the Fall were past. Human vision had climbed back nearly to the edge of perception; dt was time to begin reintroducing light into a human world too long asleep.

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