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By Ursula K. Le Guin

As soon as a culturally wealthy global, the planet Aka has been completely reworked through expertise. documents of the earlier were destroyed, and electorate are strictly monitored. yet an reliable observer from Earth will find a staff of outcasts who nonetheless perform its misplaced religion-the Telling. Intrigued through their ideals, she joins them on a sacred pilgrimage into the mountains...and into the damaging terrain of her personal middle, brain, and soul.

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It had taken weeks for the human Resistance to 30 TIMES OF TROUBLE locate an aircraft capable of being repaired, modified, and used for a transatlantic flight. In their decadeslong war against the machines, the Resistance had made little use of large air vehicles, and few had even survived Judgment Day. Back in August 1997, the major airports of Europe, Asia, and North America had been destroyed, along with many others all over the world. Finding the Hercules, rotting in a hangar outside the ruins of Toronto, Canada, had not been a simple task.

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