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By Thomas Figueira

Was Athens an imperialistic kingdom, deserving all of the popularity for exploitation that adjective can suggest, or used to be the Athenian alliance, even at its such a lot unequal, nonetheless characterised via a convergence of interests?

The strength of Money explores financial and metrological coverage at Athens as a fashion of discerning the nature of Athenian hegemony in midfifth-century Greece. It starts off with the Athenian Coinage Decree, which, after many years of scholarly cognizance, nonetheless provides unresolved questions for Greek historians approximately content material, motive, date, and influence. used to be the Decree an act of industrial imperialism or just the codification of what was once already present practice?

Figueira translates the Decree as one in a chain serious about monetary issues affecting the Athenian city-state and rising from the best way the gathering of tribute functioned within the alliance that we name the Athenian empire. He contends that the Decree served basically to legislate the established order ante.

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28 CHAPTER 1: NUMISMATIC BASICS AND HOARD EVIDENCE access was afforded by river valleys and passes. J'' There are also, however, a number of hoards of regional composition. l'' They were supplemented by Thracian copies that were possibly struck to compensate for the closing of the Thasian mint, whether after the surrender to the Athenians in 463 or after mid-century. 20 16 IGCH #357, "Hierissos" (ca. ), where 150+ coins are from Akanthos (cf. 9, "Hierissos" with 4 Akanthian dr. in a tomb group); #358, "Kaliandra" (ca.

The hoard found at Isiklikaoy, the site of ancient Apamea-Myrlea, provides welcome early confirmation of the prominence of electrum coins in the trade of the Propontis and Pontus, as it contains electrum coins of Kyzikos and Lampsakos (IGCH # 1234: ca. 460). 27 The two hoards found farther east are exclusively Sinopean (IGCH #1235: ca. 28 Placing aside the circulation of electrum, one would conclude that the margins of the Black Sea and northern Asia Minor were divided into a series of monetary compartments for the regional circulation of silver coins.

30 Cf. Price and Waggoner 13-22. 31 The major archaic hoards exhibit the same composition: IGCH # 1636, "Mit Rahineh" (ca. 500); #1637, "Demanhur" (500); #1638, "Delta" (ca. 500); #1639, "Sakha" (early fifth 32 CHAPTER 1: NUMISMATIC BASICS AND HOARD EVIDENCE to contain 17 coins from 14 or 15 mints. 32 These hoards contain damaged and destructively tested coins, issues belonging to an extended period of time, and nonmonetary silver in the form of ingots, jewelry, and scrap. The Egyptian hoards may be taken to indicate the diversity of the in Egypt at Naukratis, coins that were carried to the only Greek emporion especially if one remembers that a tendency may have existed for a disproportionate treasurization of available but relatively rarer items in that mix of coins reaching Egypt.

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