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By Geoffrey G. O'Brien

Obsessed with paintings and dream, shot via with climate and colour, Geoffrey G. O'Brien's lively debut pursues the potential of the lyric itself--whether the voice raised "with melodies/and pondering" will be rescued from the continued catastrophe of development. In roving five-beat strains the poems cross time and again via scenes of liminality--sunset and sunrise, falling asleep and waking up, border crossings--searching there for a possible ethics and politics of imaginative and prescient, a mutating, rhythmic "project" to oppose the inert spectacle of weapons and flags. Like Ashbery stoked on sonics, O'Brien insists that the stressed, unhappy movement of notion needs to carry where for an ever-decaying freedom in the state.

Yet it isn't proposal on my own that flares "passionately in our lives," however the scent of rain, the habit of clouds, repetitions of waves: those are the themes of a meditative ecstasy that advances The weapons and Flags undertaking as an heir of the Stevensian culture, charged with a feeling that history's endless typhoon of recovery and damage can't be outmaneuvered yet may be withstood, or even revised, by way of song.

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Against meningitis and poisoned milk,
flash floods and heartwreck, opposed to daydreams
Against wasting your palms, ingesting detergent,
earthquakes, baldness, divorce, against
falling in love with a child
Against lupus and court cases, mendacity stranded among nations,
against secrets and techniques and frostbite, the burring of trains
that by no means arrive
Against songlessness, your mother's depression,
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Against those talismans opposed to lightning;
the shutters swing, and clack their yellow teeth;
the deep sky welters and the home windows quiver

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Parts of a House And when a tenant drew up the shade instead of seeing things the world appeared, red and gold replacing planes of brown and the sun going down behind a hill to make value, its hour withdrawn in one gown from the backs of figures. Some fled and some remained behind as the state of ivy on a wall but all were set in the same medium and moving toward a time in which the field is colorless from one in which colors had only appeared, these to be called night and day. And when evening comes to tell the di¤erence its beads begin to darken and grow larger, no one is responsible for them or that they make away from any direction but the head tilts back on its stalk nonetheless to trace the life of night on the clouds, that it really was this way and also not, a distance being stripped of its sun .

It’s the better half, of being alone that is. How happy are the sirens in my little town! Beyond them spring is at work making the fields and the cotton pops out without a sound, slightly to the left of predicted blooms. It is an old joke and a very good one but the one about the sun is even better, someday I will know all of it and the yellow curtain will go through me as promised, we will hear as if for the first time the sound of light on water, the traªc of ghosts, we will not die so much as let 48 the ground rise up to meet us and the hearing, the seeing, the shore swinging in to view all lit by flowers, the water tightened by their presence and far o¤ the threat of autumn, boat-shaped and full of red leaves.

It’s the age of intercepted letters, the dent which solves the pillow; soon there’ll be shutters and last names for countries. But before the night is utterly here come colors of its immediate family, and in them the window stands for silence, then less, new words seem possible if left unsaid, the tall ones, the post-ultimate ones, a term for the parent who’s lost a child 52 and a theory as to how it still lives. And though the harbor seems to be coming closer it’s just that the clouds are at play in a time both sea and notebook, a fight without shores where, as each thing takes its place, welcome to the end of the game.

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