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Take the disappointment out of studying new grammar The educate your self Language Grammar sequence brings the languages of the realm in the succeed in of any starting pupil. ready by means of specialists within the language, each one direction starts off with the fundamentals and progressively elevates the coed to a degree of convinced communique. relaxing and userfriendly, the hot variants and titles function better web page designs or even clearer causes

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Teach yourself Russian grammar

Take the disappointment out of studying new grammar The educate your self Language Grammar sequence brings the languages of the area in the succeed in of any starting pupil. ready via specialists within the language, every one direction starts with the fundamentals and steadily elevates the coed to a degree of convinced verbal exchange.

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Adverbs ending in -n form their comparative with 66lee: On ncerg6 pa66raer 66nee rorf'IecKu, qeM r. He always worlcs more logically than I do. q6 rorfvecrR, lIeM t. He always thinks less logically than I do. ajvaer rvr6nee E 46rnrue (further) and p6nrure (earlier previously) come from adjectives, but are used only as comparative adverbs. ll Ute comparative adjectives, comparative adverbs can form constructions with both qevr and with the genitive of comparison: Bfrrop pa66raer yc6p,4nee, Banenrrin.

Tllie sarrc Iap*na (lenfnuft) I 5ro 3 4 3 1 2 3ro ciir"rrrfi rurapfcron . He is one of thz best guitarists. TIJI')K. n:4op! Utter rubbish! ocran6sra arrSdyca? Where is the nearest bus stop? upo6r6rvra. forms of adiective' see Units 34' for long and short forms of comparative adiectives, see Units 35-7' for uses of rr3, see Unit 85. It is the rno$ sertow problem. E Choose a suitable adjective from the box and then make the superlative form to complete each sentence: x6pruft rpacfnrrfi rp6urrafi L 3ima np6Mr r6ga.

S E Pair up the words on tfre left and the right using the English translations as a guide: My older sisten The For short form comparatives see Unit 36; for constructions with the comParative, see Unit 37. (more exp ensive) phpno, (rnore interesting) rnfry n (smalkr) c6ronuft renerf6n. E Some adjectives do not form compound comparatives'They have a long form comparative of their own. Here are the frst four: 6om;rlftir Complete a translation of this passage giving the Russian for the adiective in brackets.

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