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By Paul M. Pietroski

During this research of ways syntax pertains to that means, Paul Pietroski defends the hyposthesis that combining expressions corresponds to predicate-conjunction and never function-application. Chapters hide various buildings regarding causative and serial verbs, plural noun-phrases, and complementizer words. The publication represents a lucid contribution to the sector by way of a pace-setter of the hot iteration of philosopher-linguists.

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Rather, (40–1) are paraphrased by (42–3). (42) John is too clever for us to catch him (43) John is too clever for him to catch a fish Sentences (41) and (43) convey the idea, which would be expressed only in strange circumstances, that John will not catch a fish because he is too clever to do so. Extending this paradigm, (44) (44) The goose is too clever to eat can mean that the goose is either too clever (for us) to eat it, or too clever (for it) to dine. This suggests a structural ambiguity, as indicated by (44G) and (44G0 ).

For I suspect that failure to be clear about this accounts for at least some of Functionism’s initial appeal. Let’s say that h . . sangPi is the sentence hPata sangPi minus the name Pata, assuming that this ‘‘sentence-frame’’ is also the sentence hChrisa sangPi minus the name Chrisa. Given our basic assumptions, h . . sangPi is importantly like the arithmetic functionexpression ‘S(x) ¼ x þ 1’. As Frege (1892a) noted, one can make the ‘‘unsaturated’’ aspect of this function-expression more vivid as in ‘S( ) ¼ ( ) þ 1’, where the ‘‘gap’’ can be filled by (two occurrences of) any numeral.

Similarly, [lx . t iff x is prime](3) ¼ t iff 3 is prime; and [lx . t iff x is prime](28) ¼ t iff 28 is prime. Since 3 is prime, [lx . t iff x is prime](3) ¼ t; and since 28 is not prime, [lx . t iff x is prime](28) ¼ f. Now let ‘k. k’ stand for the Semantic Value of the enclosed expresssion. (Cf. ) This notation makes it easy to state the main issue concisely. By hypothesis: k3ak ¼ 3; for any sentence h. i, kh. ik is either t or f; and h. . is primePi is associated with the function [lx . 10 But this does not determine the Values of lexical predicates.

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