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By Neil Fligstein

The eu Union's marketplace integration venture has dramatically altered financial task round Europe. This e-book provides wide facts on how alternate has elevated, jobs were created, and ecu enterprise has been reorganized. The alterations within the financial system were observed through dramatic adjustments in how humans from diverse societies engage. This ebook argues provocatively that those alterations have produced a really transnational-European-society. The e-book explores the character of that society and its courting to the production of a eu identification, pop culture, and politics. a lot of the present political clash round Europe should be attributed to who's and who's no longer keen on eu society. company proprietors, managers, pros, white-collar staff, the knowledgeable, and the younger have all benefited from eu fiscal integration, in particular by way of interacting an increasing number of with their opposite numbers in different societies. they generally tend to think about themselves as Europeans. Older, poorer, much less trained, and blue-collar electorate have benefited much less. They view the ecu as intrusive on nationwide sovereignty, or they worry its pro-business orientation will crush the nationwide welfare states. they've got maintained nationwide identities. there's a 3rd staff of mainly-middle classification electorate who see the ecu in quite often confident phrases and sometimes--but no longer always--think of themselves as Europeans. it really is this swing team that's most important for the way forward for the eu undertaking. in the event that they desire extra eu cooperation, politicians will oblige. yet, in the event that they want that rules stay wedded to the kingdom, eu cooperation will stall.

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I think that it is hard to argue that the mass of European voters will Wnd this option very palatable. Those who are the most European may view such solutions as plausible. But, citizens with mainly a national identity fear what would happen to national welfare systems if they are transferred to Brussels. They would strongly oppose such eVorts at coordination. Moreover, it is not clear how people who are already the winners of the economic project obviously beneWt by increasing this form of cooperation.

16 The Dynamics of European Society It is useful to explore the literature on how national identities have formed historically in order to get some insight into why a European identity has been slow to emerge, and what it might take for that to happen. National identities are the product of the modern era. Benedict Anderson (1983) has argued that national identities represent imagined communities. This is because even in the smallest state, most people never know or meet one another. In spite of this, Anderson argues that they are still communities because, ‘regardless of the actual inequality and exploitation that may prevail in each, the nation is always conceived as a deep, horizontal comradeship.

This logic applies equally to actors in governments, social movements, and nongovernmental nonproWt organizations. To the degree that their activities are increasingly being aVected by the production of new international markets or decision-making across national borders, organizations will want to interact with their cohorts in other nations. This kind of networking has produced much of the explosion of Europe-wide transnational associations. This is not to say that every social activity will come to be organized transnationally.

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