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Clear factors of the terminology and thought in the back of vanity are provided, to boot asВ many sensible examples and necessary actions to exploit with childrens.

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However, there is some research demonstrating a correlation between IQ and self-esteem. Where a child with a general learning difficulty is placed in a class alongside another child of average or above average ability then the first child will almost inevitably feel inadequate. This raises the topic of whether to integrate or to segregate children with general learning difficulties. This issue has been a topic of debate in education for many decades and the arguments continue. Depending, of course, on the degree of learning difficulty, a child with a general learning difficulty is usually aware of their differences from other children and so may begin to feel inadequate.

Most children with a visual disability will have been identified before their entry into school. Children who have a severe visual impairment are usually placed in a special school, while those with lesser impairment are increasingly being integrated in the main school system. Again, a child with visual difficulties is usually at more risk than the other children of developing low self-esteem. Even with sympathetic understanding from the other children they often feel isolated, as they are not always able to participate in the same physical activities as the rest of the class.

For instance, a child whose self-concept tells them that they are good readers will be attracted to a library. The child whose self-concept tells them that they are poor readers will tend to avoid a library. At a less dramatic level, but none the less important, is the retarded reader who daydreams during the school library sessions. He/she does not see reading as relevant to his/her self-concept. Reading is for the ‘clever ones’. Even though the child may comply with the teacher’s demand to read he/she would just ‘go through the motions’ of reading without really being highly motivated.

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