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By J. R. Simonson (auth.)

This undergraduate textual content contains broad updating and amendment while carrying on with to offer warmth move within the shape during which it's always taught in Engineering measure classes. After introducing the 3 easy warmth move strategies, the e-book covers each one in flip in larger depth.

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14) In r2/r I By analogy with Ohm's law, the thermal resistance per unit length of cylinder in this case is [In (r 2/r 1)]/2nk. -Q, • ft c=:J In r21 'I R=-- • t2 2nk Fig. 5. Steady state radial conduction in a cylindrical layer. 16) which simplifies to d2t dr2 + ! 18)) ONE-DIMENSIONAL STEADY STATE CONDUCTION 27 for the case of steady radial conduction in the absence of internal heat generation. 15) where C 3 and C 4 are constants of integration to be found from boundary conditions. 13). A thick walled steam pipe with lagging is a familiar example of multiple cylindrical layers, and the treatment is similar to the multiple plane layer.

Compute the heat leakage into the refrigerator. (Ans. ) (King's College, London}. 2. A spherical container 1·22 m internal diameter is made of sheet metal of negligible thermal resistance and covered by cork insulation 0·457 m thick. The interior contains a liquefied gas at - 62·2°C for which a surface heat transfer coefficient of 1·06 k W/(m 2 K) may be considered to apply. The atmospheric temperature is 18·3oC. Moisture vapour permeates the cork and freezes at a suitable position to form an ice barrier.

Hence Q(-r) = (-kA:~) - + 0·38 X (2n X 0·0075) X 3016 53·9 kW/m length This result may be checked since all the heat generated m the conductor must be dissipated internally. Q(-rl = (volume/m length) x q' = n(0·02 2 = - 0·0075 2 ) X 5 X \0 4 53·9 kW/m length. PROBLEMS I. The walls of a refrigerator for a shop consist of slag wool 0·1522 m thick sandwiched between sheet iron. 0·0794 em thick, on one side and asbestos 36 ENGINEERING HEAT TRANSFER board, 0·953 em thick, on the other. The total surface effective for heat transfer is 37·2 m 2 The atmospheric temperature is 18·3°C and the temperature in the cold room is - 3·9oC.

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