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Why do card methods work? How can magicians do superb feats of arithmetic mentally? Why do degree "mind-reading" methods paintings? ordinarily, we easily settle for those methods and "magic" with out spotting that they are really demonstrations of strict legislation according to likelihood, units, number theory, topology, and different branches of arithmetic.

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It seemed then that he had resolved to do something to get even. This is the first phase of that plan of action. ” Look for other cliched terms to describe the boy, terms that suggest the old-fashioned ideal of the All-American child, but that will turn out to have a totally different effect. Later in this scene George will deliberately twist “blond-haired, blue-eyed” into “blond-eyed, blue-haired,” hinting that the son might be a different version of this “perfect” child from what one might expect.

She’s cranky and belligerent; he tries to pacify her. She’s aggressive and loud; he’s passive and quiet. Martha does an imitation of the actress Bette Davis and insists that George identify the movie the quoted line comes from. George tries to put her off: he’s tired, it’s late, and he’s in no mood for guessing games. But it seems that Martha rules the roost. She keeps after him until he reluctantly tries to guess the film. NOTE: The film with Bette Davis and Joseph Cotten is called Beyond the Forest (1949).

Does a certain amount of conflict exist within every male-female relationship? When Honey excuses herself, she can’t bring herself to use the word bathroom, Here is one of the earliest suggestions of Honey’s childlike ways and her avoidance of reality. ” A euphemism is a word or phrase that is mild or indirect, used as a substitute for one that is harsh or blunt- such as passed away for died or sanitary engineer for garbage collector. George makes fun of Honey’s aversion to using the word bathroom, but as you will see, her avoidance of reality, suggested by her use of euphemisms, is a major part of her character.

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