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By Rik Kuiper

Constantly dunk your biscuit horizontally. consuming beer is sweet for the surroundings. A wig is more secure than a biking helmet. according to foreign clinical learn yet awarded in a tongue-incheek type, "Curious technological know-how" finds startling truths absolute to swap your existence - or no less than make you renowned at dinner events. interesting and infrequently hilarious, it's going to open your eyes to the quirky technological know-how in the back of our daily lives. you could observe the simplest time of day to be operated on, how kissing is nice for hay fever, how you can look extra clever easily - plus many different suggestions for paintings and residential, for consuming and ingesting and for a greater love existence.

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Luckily, sunscreens with a 53 Dunk Your Biscuit Horizonta}y UV-filter that reduces the number of UV-rays that penetrate the skin are available. But these creams also have a strange characteristic, as chemist Kerry Hanson of the sun-drenched University of California discovered. As soon as the UV-filters of the sunscreen are absorbed by the skin, they themselves make, under the influence of sunlight, free oxygen radicals. In this way the sunscreen adds to the natural creation of radicals. Should we stop slapping on the cream then?

But how to do it? To find the answer we need to go back over a hundred years. In 1906 the British scientist Francis Galton, half-cousin of Charles Darwin, visited the West of England Fat Stock and Poultry Exhibition in Plymouth. Visitors were asked to guess the weight of an ox. For 6 pence anyone could have a go. Not just butchers, farmers and cattle dealers, but also ordinary members of the public took part. Afterwards Galton analysed the guesses of all 787 participants. He nearly fell off his chair in surprise.

A control group did nothing. Then everyone was given 42 questions from the game Trivial Pursuit. What transpired? The people who had thought about supporters scored on average less than the other group. An opposite effect was also noted by Dijksterhuis: thinking about professors beforehand resulted in higher scores on the Trivial Pursuit questions. This phenomenon of unconscious influence is known in psychology as ‘priming’: thinking about older people makes you 52 Talk About Hƒligans walk slower, thinking about hooligans impedes your intellect.

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