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By Michael Knight

   • All degrees special with categorised maps.    • Two participant suggestions for purchasing the main out of co-op play!    • Every hidden merchandise printed.

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As the flower floats up, grab the puzzle piece that comes out of the ground. 4 5 7 k After jumping over two Snaggles, pound a wooden crate to reveal a barrel. Jump into the barrel, and you will be shot off to an island. Roll into a tall sand pillar to knock it over, and the k block will drop down for you to pick up. pound near the treasure chest to make a barrel appear; this will shoot you back to the main level. O The o block is under a pier surrounded by bananas. however, this is tough to get because it is near two Squid Shots.

Jump to the right to get the k block. 2 DOnkEY kOnG iSlanD 2-4 6-1 8-7 2-5 6-2 8-b 2-6 2-7 2-b 3-1 lEvEl WalkTHrOUGHS 3-2 3-3 3-4 6-3 6-4 6-5 6-6 6-7 6-8 6-b 1-k 2-k 3-k 4-k 5-k 6-k 7-k 3-5 3-6 7-1 7-2 8-k 3-b 7-3 UnlOckablES 4-1 7-4 4-2 7-5 4-3 7-6 4-4 7-7 4-5 4-b 7-b The Golden Temple King of Cling 3 As you continue to the right, you come to a large wheel with a grassy edge. Jump and grab on to the wheel. Use it to get onto the platform to the left. Jump across to another platform and then up into a tree to the left.

Pound the gourd right above the Chomp to get another puzzle piece; then move out of the way so you don’t get bitten. 8 n keep heading up the level. When you reach the two moving wheels, climb onto them and make your way to the grassy wall on the area’s right side. At the lower end of this wall, you will find the n block. The easiest way to reach it is to head to the top flower platform and then drop down its right side. After you have the n block, continue climbing up. C 10 10 After passing the checkpoint, the level will go vertical.

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