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These mixtures were applied to Leneta 5C charts with a 3 mil drawdown bar and with a 2-inch Purdy Sprig brush, respectively. The initial applications were performed after gentle stirring of the resin/additive mixtures to ensure homogeneity, and these are noted as “Stirred”. After these applications, the mixtures were shaken vigorously by hand for 1 min, then a second set of applications were made and these are noted as “Shaken”. , flow, leveling, foam, craters, fisheyes, etc. A rating system of 0 (worst) – 10 (no defects) was used to characterize the coatings.

Practical Tools for Effective Experimentation, Productivity Press, 2000. 2 Werner, R. Effect of Extenders with Narrow and Broad Particle Size Distributions on the Properties of Coatings, pp. 71-76, Journal of Coatings Technology, Vol. 72, No. 903, April 2000. H. S. Reduced PVC and the Design of Metal Primers, Journal of Coatings Technology, Vol. 72, No. 910, November 2000. F. com. com PA I N T & C O A T I N G S I N D U S T R Y ⅢⅢⅢ 41 Defoamers and for Waterborne T here continues to be renewed focus on waterborne alkyd resins due to advancements in their chemistry, as well as increased interest in green chemistry.

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