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By L. Ron Hubbard

Who's the real grasp of disaster?

Earthlings: arrange for the surprise of your lives!

Global warming . . . reversed.

The strength situation . . . over.

The maximum challenge in the world . . . solved.

Voltarian Royal Officer of the Fleet, Jettero Heller, has all of it found out. And he’s devised a bold and creative plan to make all of it take place . . . if he lives to work out the day.

Saving the area is rarely effortless, and for Heller, it seems to be a tricky—and risky—business.

He’ll need to blast a gang of house pirates in a deadly laser firefight. He’ll need to be able to seize and regulate a black gap. He’ll need to adopt a dangerous trip to Saturn and again and shipping a gigantic bite of ice around the sun system.

Then comes the tough half . . . simply because Heller is headed again to Voltar, the place he’s approximately to discover the id of the robust determine in the back of the conspiracy to finish all conspiracies. He’s dealing with his deadliest nemesis but, and ahead of the intergalactic conflict is over, the total project may perhaps lead to DISASTER.

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I laughed. "It's a dreadful world to bring him into," Pris said. "Listen Louis. I'll tell you something. I know a way to get rid of those awful yellow jackets that sting everybody. You don't take any risk . . " "You wait until night. So the yellow jackets are all down below in their nest asleep. Then you show up at their hole and you pour the bucket of sand over it, so the sand forms a mound. Now listen. You think the sand suffocates them. But it's not quite like that. Here's what happens. The next morning the yellow jackets wake up and find their entrance blocked with this sand, so they start burrowing up into the sand to clear it away.

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