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By D. L. Beke (eds.)

This new quantity of Landolt-Börnstein includes subvolumes, A "Diffusion in Semiconductors" and B "Diffusion in Non-Metallic Solids". This separation used to be priceless, as the box and the variety of information is simply too huge to be compressed right into a unmarried quantity basically. This separation additionally displays the anticipated distinction within the curiosity of strength clients. Subvolume A has already been released in 1998. To hasten book of subvolume B the compilations were revealed because the authors accomplished their manuscripts. for that reason, and because of the big volume of knowledge within the box of Diffusion in Oxides subvolume B is extra subdivided into components: the current half 1, containing all information for Diffusion in Non-Metallic Solids with out Diffusion in Oxides and half 2 containing the information for Diffusion in Oxides, that's in preparation.

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P. 18) O2 ± x ~ 2 –1 Chem. diff. coeff. 66 –19 –120 –100 – 80 – 60 – 40 – 20 Free energy ∆G of O2 [kcal mol–1] 0 ~ Fig. 51. 177) [84G1]. –17 Al2O3 - Cr2O3 8 6 150 4 ~ –14 2 –1 Chem. diff. coeff. D [10 m s ] ~ 2 –1 Chem. diff. coeff. D [m s ] 1753 K 125 2 8 6 4 2 –19 10 75 50 25 0 20 60 40 Cr2O3 content [vol%] 80 100 ~ Fig. 53. Chemical diffusion coefficient D in Al2O3Cr2O3 as a function of vol% Cr2O3 from 1676-1793 K [87A1]. 82 3+ Mole fraction of Al ions ~ Fig. 52. Chemical diffusion coefficient D in Al2NiO4 as a function of mole fraction of Al3+ ions from 1710-2062 K [74M1].

P. 10-58] 2⋅10 10 Chemical diffusion in bulk inhomogeneous non-metallic compounds –13 2⋅10 BaF2 - SrF2 –13 10 8 –13 –13 10 8 6 6 T = 1511 K 4 1420 6 4 1380 2 1329 K –15 6 4 1397 2 –15 1361 8 6 6 4 4 2 2 –16 1435 8 10 8 1306 K –16 0 BaF2 a –14 10 8 T = 1488 K 2 1461 –14 10 10 4 ~ 2 –1 Chem. diff. coeff. D [m s ] ~ 2 –1 Chem. diff. coeff. D [m s ] 2 10 10-37 20 60 40 Mole fraction of SrF2 [%] 80 100 SrF2 10 b 0 BaF2 20 60 40 Mole fraction of SrF2 [%] 80 100 SrF2 ~ Fig. 22 a, b. Chemical diffusion coefficient D in BaF2-SrF2 as a function of mol% SrF2 at temperatures from 1306-1511 K [76S1].

8 Li content x ~ Fig. 46. Chemical diffusion coefficient D (of Li) in LixV2O5 as a function of Li content x at 423 K [90P1]. 2 Landolt -Börnst ein New Series III/33B1 Ref. p. 2 –11 10 2 –13 T = 298 K 4 8 6 4 10 8 6 10 –12 10 8 6 4 10 8 6 4 ~ 2 –1 Chem. diff. coeff. D [m s ] ~ 2 –1 Chem. diff. coeff. 0 8 6 4 ~ 2 –1 Chem. diff. coeff. 2 ~ Fig. 44. 13 at 298 K. Measurements on the charging and discharging processes are given [85Y1]. Lando lt -Bö rnst ein New Series III/33B1 10-44 10 Chemical diffusion in bulk inhomogeneous non-metallic compounds 28 –11 10 [Ref.

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