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By Dionysius Glycopantis, Nicholas C. Yannelis

One of the most difficulties in present financial conception is to write down contracts that are Pareto optimum, incentive suitable, and in addition implementable as an ideal Bayesian equilibrium of a dynamic, noncooperative video game. The query arises if it is attainable to supply Walrasian sort or cooperative equilibrium options that have those homes. This quantity comprises unique contributions on noncooperative and cooperative equilibrium notions in economies with differential details and gives solutions to the above questions. additionally, problems with balance, studying and continuity of different equilibria also are tested.

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Mathematical surveys, no. 15. : Integrals, conditional expectation and martingales of multivalued functions. : Weakly compact sets. : Decentralized exchange and efficiency under moral hazard. : Ort the integration of sec-valued mappings in a nonrellexive Banach space. : Equlibrium contracts for syndicates with differential information. : Classical banach spaces II. : On Bayesian implementable allocations. : The core of an n-person game. : On the existence of a cooperative solution for a general class of n-person games.

1 Abstract applications For each S ∈ N , let consider an element aS = (aS,i )i∈S of A(S) ⊂ (L1 )cardS . To simplify the notations, we will note ai for a{i},i ∈ A({i}) for all i ∈ N, in the following. Now let F be the set of finite-dimensional subspaces of L1 containing the initial endowments {ei , i ∈ N } and the set {aS,i | S ∈ N , i ∈ S}. Let fix F ∈ F. Let endow the finite-dimensional space F with the topology induced by the topology of L1 . For each i ∈ N, let define the set XiF := Xi ∩ F, F F and the correspondence PiF : → 2Xi by PiF (x) := Pi (x) ∩ i∈N Xi F, and PSF (x) := i∈S PiF (x) = [ i∈S Pi (x)] ∩ F cardS .

2 Definition and basic results are given in appendix. Definition and basic results are given in appendix. 4 Usually, we write µ-measurable instead of F-measurable, with µ a measure on (Ω, F) (see [9], [10]). But, writing the measurability with respect to the σ-field is here more suitable since in the following we will encounter notions of measurability with respect to particular sub-σ-fields of F. 5 This above framework, describing the tastes of the consumers, encompasses the case where the i-th consumer has a preference relation i which is a binary relation on Xi .

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