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By Bruce R. Smoller

Dermal Tumors: The Basics serves as an efficient and effective guide for the scholar of dermatopathology, and as a pragmatic bench reference for the working towards diagnostician who wishes fast entry to standards which are valuable in differentiating histologically related entities. The chapters include crucial bullet issues prepared in geared up outlines making an allowance for easy accessibility and direct comparability among entities. the frilly pictorial documentation also will allow the e-book to function an atlas of the most typical dermatologic disorders.

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Original magnification 40× –– Histologic °° Ectatic post-capillary venules °° Thin-walled vessels °° No inflammation 2 Vascular Tumors 39 Fig. 2 Widely ecstatic vessels are present in the papillary and superficial reticular dermis in port wine stains. 3 Ectatic vessels are located high in the papillary dermis and surrounded by acanthotic epidermis in angiokeratoma. 4 The superficial, ecstatic vessels in angiokeratoma are usually congested and often thrombosed. 7) °° Proliferation of endothelial cells confined to lumen of °° °° larger, thrombosed vessel Papillary infoldings may resemble angiosarcoma, but no mitoses or cellular atypia Represents a recanalized, thrombosed blood vessel Fig.

These vessels may be fully congested with erythrocytes. 9 Juvenile (infantile) capillary hemangioma demonstrates a markedly cellular proliferation with scattered blood vessels that are often devoid of erythrocytes. 10 Lobular capillary hemangioma (pyogenic granuloma) is characterized by an exophytic proliferation of small blood vessels surrounded by an epidermal collarette. 11 Lobular capillary hemangioma demonstrates many small blood ­vessels with a proliferation of spindle-shaped cells between the vessels.

12 Acquired tufted angioma demonstrates a lobular pattern of dermal involvement. Original magnification 20× Fig. 13 The lobules consist of angulated blood vessels surrounded by ­spindle-shaped cells in acquired tufted angioma. 15) °° Vascular spaces lined by plump endothelial cells with °° °° papillary projections into lumen Abundant hemosiderin deposits, especially laterally Poorly circumscribed and infiltrative growth pattern at periphery 48 2 Vascular Tumors Fig. 14 Targetoid hemosiderotic hemangioma demonstrates thin vessels with prominent endothelial cells and surrounding hemosiderin.

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