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By Larry Diamond, Marc F. Plattner, Condoleezza Rice

For nearly a decade, Freedom House’s annual survey has highlighted a decline in democracy in such a lot areas of the globe. whereas a few analysts draw upon this proof to argue that the realm has entered a "democratic recession," others dispute that interpretation, emphasizing in its place democracy’s luck in protecting the massive profits it made over the past zone of the 20th century.

Discussion of this question has moved past disputes approximately what number international locations will be categorized as democratic to embody a number of wider issues concerning the wellbeing and fitness of democracy: the terrible fiscal and political functionality of complicated democracies, the hot self-confidence and assertiveness of a couple of top authoritarian nations, and a geopolitical weakening of democracies relative to those resurgent authoritarians.

In Democracy in Decline?, 8 of the world’s top public intellectuals and students of democracy―Francis Fukuyama, Robert Kagan, Philippe C. Schmitter, Steven Levitsky, Lucan approach, Thomas Carothers, and editors Larry Diamond and Marc F. Plattner―explore those matters and provide competing viewpoints concerning the country of democracy this day. This brief selection of essays is key interpreting for a person eager to comprehend the newest considering on the most severe questions of our era.

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10 Those norms had an impact on the internal political processes of countries, making it harder for authoritarians to weather political and economic storms and easier for democratic movements to gain legitimacy. But “norms” are transient as well. In the 1930s, the trendsetting nations were fascist dictatorships. In the 1950s and 1960s, variants of socialism were in vogue. But from the 1970s until recently, the United States and a handful of other democratic powers set the fashion trend. They pushed—​some might even say The Weight of Geopolitics 33 imposed—​democratic principles and embedded them in international institutions and agreements.

People tend to follow winners, and between the wars the democratic-​capitalist countries looked weak and in retreat compared with the apparently vigorous fascist regimes and with Stalin’s Soviet Union. It took a second world war and another military victory by the Allied democracies (plus the Soviet Union) to reverse the trend again. The United States imposed democracy by force and through prolonged occupations in West Germany, Italy, Japan, Austria, and South Korea. With the victory of the democracies and the discrediting of fascism—​chiefly on the battlefield—​many other countries followed suit.

The growing success and attractiveness of the European Community (EC), meanwhile, 30 Robert Kagan had an impact on the internal policies of nations such as Portugal, Greece, and Spain, which sought the economic benefits of membership in the EC and therefore felt pressure to conform to its democratic norms. These norms increasingly became international norms. But they did not appear out of nowhere or as the result of some natural evolution of the human species. ”6 The United States, in fact, played a critical role in making the explosion of democracy possible.

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