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The facility was first used to determine the sensitivity for boron. Dilute boric acid was used to prepare the solid samples, and a sensitivity of 2131 counts/(s · mg-B) was derived from the 478 keV Doppler broadened peak. 1]. Since the neutron spectrum is simple and well defined, k0 standardization can be applied in the study of non-1/v absorbers. 7]. Thus, diffracted polychromatic neutrons can be successfully used in a PGAA facility. Even 23 CHAPTER 3. 2. 2. CHARACTERIZATION OF PROMPT GAMMA NEUTRON ACTIVATION ANALYSIS AT THE DALAT RESEARCH REACTOR The principle of extraction of the neutron beam, and the design of the beam shutter, beam catcher, detector shielding and gamma ray spectrometer are briefly described below for the PGAA facility at the Dalat reactor.

INDC(NDS)-424, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (2001) 39–50. , Capture gamma-rays from Co-60 as multi gamma-ray efficiency standard for prompt gamma-ray neutron activation analysis, Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res. A 457 (2001) 180–186. 35] Prompt g-Ray Neutron Activation Analysis, Summary Report on 2nd Research Coordination Mtg 2001, Rep. INDC(NDS)-424, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (2001) 33–38. , Standardisation of the prompt gamma activation analysis method, Radiochim.

Phys. A 236 (1974) 198–224. , “Z = 61–100”, Neutron Cross Sections, Vol. 1, Academic Press, New York (1984) Part B, Appendix A. D. 1. THE SNU-KAERI PGAA FACILITY AND DIFFRACTED POLYCHROMATIC NEUTRON BEAMS The SNU-KAERI PGAA facility was developed through the joint efforts of Seoul National University (SNU) and the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), and has been operational since May 2001. A detailed layout of the facility is shown in Fig. 1. 1]. Pyrolytic graphite (PG) crystals are used to extract the thermal beam by the method of Bragg diffraction, with the Bragg angle set at 45° so that most of the beam flux originates from diffraction orders two, three and four.

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