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Damned for his or her distinction bargains a well-founded clarification of the way Deaf humans turned categorised disparagingly world wide as "disabled," via a discursive exploration of the cultural, social, and historic contexts of those attitudes and behaviour towards deaf humans, specifically in nice Britain. Authors Jan Branson and Don Miller learn the orientation towards and therapy of deaf humans because it constructed from the 17th century throughout the 20th century. Their wide-ranging learn explores the numerous buildings of the definition of "disabled," a time period whose which means hinges upon consistent negotiation among events, making sure that no finite that means is ever validated. Damned for his or her distinction presents a sociological knowing of disabling practices in a fashion that hasn't ever been visible earlier than.

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In a similar vein, the philosopher Walter Ong wrote that “elaborated sign languages are substitutes for speech and dependent on oral speech systems, even when used by the congenitally deaf” (Ong 1982, 7). 4. Note that the French philosophers who inspired a revolution—Voltaire, Condillac, Diderot, Rousseau, and others—based their “sense realist” theories on the work of earlier British philosophers, particularly that of Locke. 5. To quote Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, “The word is from Lat.

The 24 a historical overview oppressed and maltreated of the human species were equated with animals to legitimate the acts of their oppressors: “Their dehumanization was a necessary precondition of their maltreatment” (Berman 1990). The colonized, the enslaved, manual workers, and women—even children—were all accorded degrees of animality and the “most beastlike of all were those on the margins of human society: the mad . . and the vagrants” (Thomas 1983, 44). They were not just beastlike. They were feared because their differences—physical, behavioral, or both—were interpreted as violating the division between the categories of animal and human.

See Gould (1984). The Cosmological Tyranny of Science 35 9. C. 10. Note that among those Deaf who have embraced the concept of Deaf Pride—pride in their distinctive languages, pride in being Deaf—being born deaf is now treasured. 11. For a more recent example of the use of IQ testing to claim the intellectual superiority of whites over blacks, see Jensen (1985). 12. We do not mean to imply by this observation that all doctors or even all eugenicists supported euthanasia by neglect. As we have pointed out in discussing Alexander Graham Bell’s approach, many eugenicists overtly opposed the elimination of the “unfit,” focusing instead on preventative measures such as influencing marriage patterns.

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