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From the Preface: the improvement of a few of the ideas utilized in special effects depends upon a variety of mathematical tools for curve and floor becoming. when you consider that entry to desktops calls for little or no education in arithmetic, lots of those equipment will not be simply understood via the nice number of those people who are now capable of use robust computing gear. the aim of this booklet is to bare to the (but might be mathematically unsophisticated) person the principles and significant good points of a number of simple equipment for curve and floor becoming which are at present in use.

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13 Reciprocating mechanisms IL (a) Geared cranks; (b) shaper mechanism; (c) slider on Whitworth quick-return mechanisms; (d) slider on drag-link mechanism; (e) variable-stroke engine; (/) gear-driven slider. 14 Reversing mechanism. These mechanical devices change the direction of rotation of the output, (a) Reversible prime movers; (b) reversing gears; (c) reversing belts; (d) transmission; (e) epicyclic gears as in Model T Ford. 15 Couplings and connectors—axial. These are used to connect coaxial shafts, (a) Rigid coupling; (b) flanged coupling; (c) disk clutch; (d) cone clutch; (e) plate clutch.

Once in service, machine elements are subject to constant wear and the adverse effects of corrosion. Chapters 34 and 35, respectively, cover the important aspects of wear and corrosion. It would seem a shame to spend so much time on the other aspects of design only to be blindsided by these two factors. Corrosion, especially galvanic, is insidious and only careful selection of mating materials will avoid disaster. Chapter 35 contains a listing from "A" for acetone to "W" for water relative to their adverse reaction to other chemicals.

In contrast, Chap. 29 covers dynamic theories of failure, including the determination of endurance limits. For various design factors, such as surface roughness, size, loading, temperature, and a host of miscellaneous factors, the Marin equation is used to modify the endurance limit determined from experiment. Alternating and fluctuating loading are considered, including combined loading considerations. Machine elements in compression must be analyzed to protect against buckling or sudden collapse.

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