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By Dai-heng Chen

Thin-walled buildings can be utilized to take in influence power in the course of a motor vehicle collision. Crush Mechanics of Thin-Walled Tubes describes the research and layout of those light-weight parts and punctiliously explains the deformation behaviors of thin-walled hole individuals below crushing loading. The ebook covers, intimately, thin-walled structures―under axial compression, bending, and torsion. It presents an entire realizing of the underlying thoughts and mechanisms of power absorption elements, contains research ideas, and covers present theoretical ways in addition to the author’s research.

Geared towards engineering scholars, practising mechanical and structural engineers, and researchers attracted to interpreting power absorption and designing buildings which may endure affects, this book:

  • Addresses axial compression of round and sq. tubes, and bending and torsion of tubes
  • Summarizes the mechanism of cave in and linked calculations for the preliminary height strength and the typical compressive force
  • Explores components controlling the axial cave in of a plate
  • Investigates systematically the deformation features of corrugated tubes less than axial crush
  • Provides an figuring out of the cave in habit of individuals present process bending deformation while attempting to evaluation power and energy-absorption characteristics
  • Looks on the bending deformation of round and sq. tubes
  • Explains the attribute pulling down phenomenon, the utmost second in bending deformation, and the moment-rotation relation in the course of bending collapse
  • Discusses the cave in habit of thin-walled constructions with an open pass part in the course of axial crushing and bending deformation
  • Includes the proposition of a brand new strategy for comparing the utmost bending second of sq. tubes with attention of sidewall buckling
  • Proposes a brand new method that may be used to figure out the relation among the bending second M and the rotation perspective θ
  • Presents research tools for predicting the utmost torsion second in each one case

A shelf-worthy reference showcasing structural mechanics, Crush Mechanics of Thin-Walled Tubes presents a easy realizing of the elemental suggestions and mechanisms of crushing deformations in thin-walled constructions and serves as a consultant for either educating and self-study.

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4 Effect of impact velocity on buckling stress The dynamic compressive behavior of thin-walled tubes, which is sensitive to inertia and strain rate effects as shown by Tam and Calladine [196], Karagiozova and Jones [106, 107], Harrigan et al. [89] and Langseth et al. [120], is more complicated than the quasi-static response. Abramowicz and Jones [6] explored the critical parameters which govern the transition from global bending to progressive collapse, for thin-walled mildsteel tubes subjected to quasi-static and dynamic axial loading.

However, as widely known, the average force of a circular tube under axial compression increases with the strain hardening of the material. Fig. 35 shows the relationship between average compressive stress Pave /(2πtR) and thickness ratio t/R of circular tubes made of materials that follow the bilinear hardening rule as evaluated by FEM simulation. Here, the numerical results with the three strain hardening coefficients Et /E = 0, 1/100 and 1/20 are shown by the symbols , and . As Fig. 35 shows, the average compressive stress Pave /(2πtR) increases with the strain hardening coefficient Et , and the departure from the average stress when Et = 0 is assumed becomes more evident as the thickness ratio t/R increases.

48) by a factor of : π Eb = 4πM0 (πR + λ) π + 2φ π Note that, compared with Eq. 48), here the stress σ0 , called the energy equivalent flow stress, is used instead of the plastic yield stress σs , for plastic deformation and so M0 = σ0 t2 /4 instead of MP as the fully plastic bending moment per unit length of a plate. Further, using the flow stress σ0 , Abramowicz and Jones [5] rewrote the membrane energy Em , Eq. 56), as Em = 2πσ0 λ2 t 1 + λ 3R and the average force, Eq. 64) Axial compression of circular tubes 39 From Fig.

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