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By Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

Developing Circles and Ceremonies is the buildup of many years of circles, ceremonies, rituals, secret performs, initiations, rites of passage, and different magickal workings co-created by means of the Zell-Ravenhearts, today’s greatest Wizard/Witch couple. For greater than 30 years, Oberon and Morning Glory have traveled extensively during the all over the world magickal community—participating in gatherings, undertaking workshops, and developing rituals for teams huge and small. they've got met and made Magick with the leaders of many traditions: Celtic Shamanism, British Dianic, Italian Strega, Welsh Witchcraft, Faerie Trad, Ceremonial Magick, Ozark Druidry, the recent Reformed Order of the Golden sunrise (NROOGD), Hinduism, local American tribes, Greek and Egyptian mythology, and the futuristic Church of All Worlds. the following, in a single easy-to-read quantity, is their number of chants, invocations, circle-castings, quarter-callings, spells, and ceremonies. it's also a "kit" to exploit to collect your individual rituals, for any season or cause: publication I provides a simple ritual define. every one aspect is by means of quite a few examples that could be "plugged in" to customise your individual rite. e-book II supplies a number of examples of tangible ceremonies: Esbats (full Moons) and exact events; Rites of Passage; Mysteries and Initiations; spells and consecrations. those may be tailored and transformed as wanted for any measurement group—from small kinfolk gatherings on your lounge, to large outside celebrations related to millions of individuals. booklet III presents an collection of complete rituals and formality components for celebrations of the 8 nice seasonal fairs referred to as the Wheel of the 12 months. types of those were venerated for millennia in most standard cultures of the Northern Hemisphere; and this day are common in the course of the all over the world Pagan group.

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