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By Gerhard Preyer, Georg Peter

In epistemology and in philosophy of language there's fierce debate concerning the position of context in wisdom, knowing, and that means. Many modern epistemologists take heavily the thesis that epistemic vocabulary is context-sensitive. This thesis is naturally a semantic declare, so it has introduced epistemologists into touch with paintings on context in semantics by means of philosophers of language. This quantity brings jointly the debates, in a suite of twelve specifically written essays representing the most recent paintings through prime figures within the fields. All destiny paintings on contextualism will begin here.


Kent Bach, Herman Cappelen, Andy Egan, Michael Glanzberg, John Hawthorne, Ernest Lepore, Peter Ludlow, Peter Pagin, Georg Peter, Paul M. Pietroski, Gerhard Preyer, Jonathan Schaffer, Jason Stanley, Brian Weatherson, Timothy Williamson

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Htm . . new developments cannot be measured by previously known standards of knowledge. They are by deWnition ‘‘previously unknown’’. The breakthrough, the revolution . . html . . ’’ Not one of . . html . . dependency on physical science has brought with it inappropriate standards of knowledge—and thus wrong methods and techniques—for studying man and society . . shtml . . DNA evidence. ’’ . . htm . . in other recent cases that distinguish between legal and scientiWc standards of certainty, such as Ferebee and Rubanick.

In that paper I argued that in the comparison class (or c-class) argument position there is an empty operator in the sense of Chomsky (1986) which adjoins to the nearest N (N’ actually) and forms a restricted quantiWer. In eVect, a sentence like (33) has the base logical form in (33a), where O is an empty operator. (33) That elephant is large (33a) That elephant is large [for an O] This operator raises and adjoins to the N’, in this case the noun ‘elephant’, and forms a restricted quantiWer over comparison classes, as indicated in (33b), binding into a variable position e.

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