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This e-book offers practitioners with an outline of the rules & equipment had to construct trustworthy biometric platforms. It covers three major issues: key biometric applied sciences, checking out & administration concerns, & the criminal and method concerns of biometric structures for private verification/identification.

Software Language Engineering: Creating Domain-Specific Languages Using Metamodels

Software program practitioners are speedily studying the mammoth price of Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) in fixing difficulties inside of sincerely definable challenge domain names. builders are employing DSLs to enhance productiveness and caliber in a variety of components, corresponding to finance, wrestle simulation, macro scripting, photo iteration, and extra.

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The interpretation process, on the other hand, requires knowledge-based computation. Navigational Planning for Mobile Robots: Mobile robots, sometimes called automated guided vehicles (AGV), are a challenging area of research, where AI finds extensive applications. A mobile robot generally has one or more camera or ultrasonic sensors, which help in identifying the obstacles on its trajectory. The navigational planning problem persists in both static and dynamic environments. In a static environment, the position of obstacles is fixed, while in a dynamic environment the obstacles may move at arbitrary directions with varying speeds, lower than the maximum speed of the robot.

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