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But do not give so much liquid before or during a meal that the appetite is reduced) • to play games to persuade reluctant children to eat more, for example pretending the spoon is a bird coming to feed its chick, or pretending the food is for a doll or another child or a toy animal • to be prepared to do a little cleaning up afterwards! A child may refuse food to gain attention. You can help families avoid this by advising them to pay attention to children when they eat well and praise them for eating well.

Examples are phytates in cereals and tannins in tea which reduce the absorption of iron from eggs, milk and plant foods. Chapati: a flat bread made by mixing whole wheat flour with water and then shaping pieces of the dough into flat circles and baking on a griddle (hot metal sheet). Traditionally eaten in India and Pakistan. Colostrum: the 'first' milk that mothers produce before the main flow of breast milk becomes established. Deficiency: shortage of a nutrient that the body needs. Family foods: foods that are part of the family meals.

Cover cooked food and eat within 2 hours if there is no refrigerator. If kept longer, reheat food thoroughly so that it is all boiling hot and any pathogens will be killed • wash children's hands before meals • feed the child with a clean spoon or cup, never a feeding bottle • use fermented (soured) foods if these are available (because pathogens grow less easily) • keep animals outside the house • keep the house and outside areas clean so that rats, mice and insects do not breed • use toilets so that faeces are not left exposed • use potties for young children or remove their faeces from the ground and put in a covered pit or latrine • wash dirty nappies straightaway or put them in a tightlysealed plastic bag or bucket to keep flies off them • wash hands with soap after using the toilet and after cleaning the baby's bottom • protect food and utensils from rats, mice, cockroaches, flies and dust by keeping them covered • protect stored drinking water from animals, dust, hands, dirty scoops and dippers.

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