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Kye rim relates to dzog rim, as the next step, which is the practice of using the vital air. The vital air relates to speech. Purifying the verbal afflictions lays the perfect foundation for the dzog-rim practice, allowing realizations very quickly. At the time of dissolution, you dissolve yourself, as the deity, and the mantra simultaneously, not separately. Everything externally dissolves into the wheel of protection, which is a pure land. That goes into the palace, which dissolves into oneself as the commitment being and you, as the commitment being dissolve into you, as the primordial wisdom being.

U the habits are not cleansed, the consciousness is a mental body, traveling through the bardo accumulating causes for its future birth in one of the six realms. The result of perfecting the absorption on all appearances, cleansing those habits, is to be aware of oneself as the Sambhogakaya, or the complete enjoyment body, with all of the attributes and endowments. The third absorption is on the primary cause. It relates to and cleanses the point where the mental body, in the bardo, is about to become conceived through one of the four ways.

The first of these five is the three meditative absorptions. The first absorption is on the nature of reality. The practice must be done to cleanse an object or to purify something. The time in existence or samsara tha t is being cleansed by doing the meditative absorption on the nature of reality is the point of dissolution -death and the entrance of the mind into blankness and confusion, like blacking out. If we don't prepare with this practice, we will die in a normal way, with the stages of dissolution, and we will be ignorant 37 when we enter the bardo.

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