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By Bruce Donaldson

‘If you must familiarize yourself additional with any of the [European] languages, Routledge’s Colloquial sequence is the easiest position you may start.’ tough consultant to Europe

COLLOQUIAL DUTCH is simple to exploit and fully as much as date!

Specially written by means of skilled lecturers for self-study or type use, the path provide you with a step by step method of written and spoken Dutch. No earlier wisdom of the language is required.

What makes COLLOQUIAL DUTCH your only option in own language learning?

  • Interactive – plenty of routines for normal practice
  • Clear – concise grammar notes
  • Practical – priceless vocabulary and pronunciation guide
  • Complete - together with solution key and reference section

By the top of this profitable direction it is possible for you to to speak expectantly and successfully in Dutch in a wide diversity of daily occasions.

This pack comprises the paperback and audio fabric, recorded via natve audio system. This enhances the ebook and may assist you together with your pronunciation and listening skills.

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Sample text

S. litapi bye-bì-beli (l) (fish) (3) (10) The adjectives indicating coloür havecomplexforÍns with sufEx /-ondl rvhen appliedto femaleanimals. g. cp. te-sva a ye-r$u (a black fernaleone) (9) vtz. komu (cow) (9) (a black male one) (9) yiz. ko ü (cow) (9) The construction adjectil€ stem + lattal is accompaniedby a number of mofphophonemicchanges(cp. Jalla, 1937,p. 2l\. 'E INFLECTED STEMS Constructionalpattern: relativeprefix (2) + Íelative stem The relâtive stemsin questionh€remay be inflected principally or relatively by the addition ofthe correct inflecting persoÍ or classaffix.

Ri cp. 9) FuÍther,the adjectivalpreftxesofclasses 16 and 18 are not use4 that ofclass l? g. g. üalirnabi (bad luck) cp. mali amaswe (bad blood) adjectivesare used only in an inflected foÍrÌ! g. yomunde (one who is pleasant(a relative inflectedadj€ctive)) The relative class affixes wbich infle€t adjectiv€sare called seÌies(l) and they arc the same in fc'rm as the demonshativ€slst position save in the cas€sof 3, 16and 17. classes The following table of forms illustÌates the forms of dìe relâtive class affixes andthe adjectivalprefix€sâs usedwith the adjectivestem/-ndel (nicg good).

Nuflí-Jìli (trouble) (3) kacirna-cima (irritablen€ss) (12) síco seosinlnúlïnatí (that food is very pleasant) (3) Nominal Conttructioni baJed on Verb RadicalÍ the prefl\ appearsto combinewiú terminalvowelsto In lheseconstÍuctions formoneconstituenltheverbmdicalsbeingúe other. muJim-i (farmer) bu-pil-o (health) 0) (14) cp. -lim- (cultivate) cp. g. le (hândbell) cp. ngele (ringing) sikwakwakwa (machinegun) cP. l a (report of gun) Nominal ConJtructiont of, Clatt la with prefixal formatives/Ë/ (often masculine)and/ra-l (oft€n feÍninine) ar€ commonin the dictionary.

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