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This version doesn't appropriately show diacritics on the various letters (specifically all derivations of c). it is a functionality of the textual content encoding on Kindles that implies that they could basically exhibit western languages. In Croatian, which means numerous letters are all being written as one, as though an English studying textbook have been printing j, f, and d all as f and also you have been speculated to the way to learn from that. purchase the difficult reproduction.

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5 He likes to travel by train when he has time. e. they have one form only. Some must be individually learned (ponekad, pomalo); others are like the neuter nominative form of adjectives (dobro, rado, poslovno). Exercise 6 (a) Complete the following dialogue: ANTIĆ: Dobar dan, gospodine Cameron. Kako ste? CAMERON: Dobro, hvala, a ______ ? ANTIĆ: I ja sam dobro. Volim putovati. A vi? CAMERON: _____________ ANTIĆ: Putujete li često? CAMERON: _____________ ANTIĆ: Ja ne volim putovati avionom. CAMERON: _____________ ANTIĆ: Da, volim putovati vlakom.

CAMERON: Da. Evo moje putovnice. ANTIĆ: ________ ? CAMERON: Ne, to nije moja torba. Colloquial croatian 46 Dialogue 4 Ljubavna priča (3) Does Ivo have his wallet with him? Why is Mara annoyed? What does she decide to do? Does Ivo go with her? – Imaš li novca? – pita Mara. – Čekaj da vidim. Ali, gdje mi je novčanik? Nema ga, zamisli. Sigurno je doma. – Ivo – kaže Mara ozbiljno – što je ovo? Nikad nemaš para. Ja uvijek sve plaćam. Dosta mi je. – Nemoj biti takva! Idem po novčanik. Možemo se naći kod kina.

A) pokazati (b) dati (c) gledati (d) prijaviti 3 Ja sam prvi _______ u Zagrebu. (a) putovanje (b) putnik (c) putovnica (d) put 4 ___________ se uzimaju s trake. (a) putovnica (b) prtljaga (c) torbe (d) kolica 5 Prtljaga stiže, moram naći _________ . (a) kolica (b) putovnicu (c) torbu (d) zrakoplov Dialogue 3 Going through customs. CARINIK: Molim vas vašu putovnicu. ALAN: Izvolite. Dolazak u Zagreb 39 CARINIK: Imate li nešto prijaviti? ALAN: Ne, nemam. Ja sam turist. CARINIK: Izvolite vašu putovnicu.

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