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Each complexity of software program layout, simplified and codified finally, to be used via each programmer, from the beginner to the architects of significant purposes. This publication comprises the elemental legislation of software program improvement, the first items of realizing that make the variation among a mid-level/junior programmer and the high-level senior software program engineer. The publication exists to aid all programmers comprehend the method of writing software program, on a really primary point that may be utilized to any programming language or undertaking, from the following into eternity. Code Simplic.

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Maybe you wrote a program for 4-wheeled cars, but in the future everybody will drive 18-wheel trucks. Maybe you wrote a program for high school students, but high school education will get so bad that the students can’t understand it anymore. The point is, you don’t have to try to predict what will change; you just need to know that things will change. Write your software so that it’s as flexible as reasonably possible, and you’ll be able to adapt to whatever future changes do come along. Change in a Real-World Program Let’s look at some data on how a real-world program changed over time.

That is, the simpler the pieces are, the more easily you can change things in the future. Perfect ease of maintenance is impossible, but it’s the goal you strive for—total change or infinite new code with no difficulty. You may have noticed that this law doesn’t talk about the simplicity of the whole system, though, only the individual pieces. Why? Well, an average-sized computer program is so complex that no human being could comprehend it all at once. It’s only possible to comprehend pieces of it.

Competitors start appearing that can update tasks by email. The project starts to lose its customers. The only reason that this project survives is that two developers spend an entire year redesigning just this file so that it can be easily changed. 1 The rule used to avoid rigid design is: Code should be designed based on what you know now, not on what you think will happen in the future. Design based only on your immediate, known requirements, without excluding the possibility of future requirements.

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