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Yet he was puzzled by the extreme conditions of stars that had used up their sustaining supply of nuclear fuel. What happened to them next? At the end of the life of our Sun, the nuclear fires that have kept it burning for over eight billion years will come to an end. Gravity will take over. The weakest of all four fundamental forces in the Universe is also relentlessly patient. Despite the titanic struggle nuclear fusion provided, the fight is now over: as the outer layers of the star drift off silently into space, 20 Clocks in the Sky gravity pulls what remains of the star's core inward.

Of greater importance to this story, however, was the gradual refinement in radio technology that allowed the discovery of discrete radio sources, which are sources of radio waves that are small and distinguishable from the background 30 Clocks in the Sky Figure 3a The original antenna at Dover Heights, east of Sydney. The 100 MHz twinYagi antenna positioned on a blockhouse at Dover heights and used for the finding of the first discrete sources using sea interferometry. In the orientation shown, the Yagis are being used for measuring the polarization of solar emission.

11. Much of the biographical data on Zwicky was published in In Search of Dark Matter by Ken Freeman and Geoff McNamara, Springer, 2005. 12. Baade, W. & Zwicky, F. 1934, `Cosmic Rays from Super-Novae' Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci, USA, Vol. 20, p. 259. 3 `A New Window' `Twinkle, twinkle quasi-Star Biggest puzzle from afar How unlike the other ones Brighter than a billion suns. ' George Gamow, Quasar 1964. The Rise of Radio Astronomy The night sky is a window onto the Universe. During the day the sunlight is scattered by the air molecules and obscures our view.

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