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By Malcolm Morrison

This publication provides transparent tips to strong pronunciation and is written in an easily-accessible shape. many folks can establish and clear up their speech difficulties and considerably enhance their voice through the use of attempted and proven routines. The systematic association of the fabric with transparent illustrations makes it effortless for the layman to appreciate and paintings from successfully. This new version includes extra routines in addition to an multiplied bankruptcy on vague Speech.

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Retain the yawning sensation while speaking the sounds: 00 OH AW AH AY EE 3. Precede each of the vowels with M N or NG feeling the arching of the soft palate, into the yawning feeling, on the vowels. 4. Speak the following, ensuring that there is no change in the quality of the vowel: 34 Faulty Tone BOO BOH BAW BAH BAY BEE MOO MOH MAW MAH MAY MEE DOO DOH DAW DAH DAY DEE NOO NOH NAW NAH NAY NEE GOO GOH GAW GAH GAY GEE NGOO NGOH NGAW NGAH NGAY NGEE Negative Nasality: 1. Check that there is no structural reason why sound may not pass down the nose.

52 TheS Sound Description This sound is known as an Alveolar Fricative. Z as in zoo is formed in the same way but is voiced. Left, the normal formation of S. Right, the alternative described below To form this sound 1. The soft palate is raised to prevent the passage of air through the nose. The tip and the blade of the tongue are raised to make very light contact with the alveolar ridge. The sides of the tongue are held against the upper side teeth. The air is forced along a narrow channel down the centre of the tongue and causes friction, which is audible, between the tongue and the alveolar ridge.

Excessive nasal resonance. In which the soft palate, which normally forms a trap door between the throat and nose cavities, is wholly or partially lowered allowing the sound to pass down the nose continuously. 2. Insufficient nasal resonance. In which either the nasal passages are blocked, due to some physical cause, or the soft palate is held permanently in the raised position, preventing the passage of sound into the nose. This produces the 'cold in the nose' quality of voice. The two kinds of nasality are referred to as Positive and Negative Nasality, respectively.

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