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By Led Zeppelin

Matching folio to the album with nine Guitar Transcriptions.

Bring It on domestic * Heartbreaker * The Lemon music * residing Loving Maid (She's only a girl) * Moby Dick * Ramble On * thanks * what's and What shouldn't ever Be * complete Lotta Love.

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Abbreviations: AHP, anterior hypothalamic area, posterior; DC, paraventricular nucleus, dorsal cap; LP, paraventricular nucleus, lateral parvocellular; MP, paraventricular nucleus, medial parvocellular; PM, paraventricular nucleus, posterior magnocellular; PV, paraventricular nucleus, periventricular division; SON, supraoptic nucleus; ox, optic chiasm. Scale bars: 400 μm in A–C; 200 μm in D; 30 μm in E–F. Republished with permission from Shughrue and Merchenthaler (2001). 25 Fig. 6. The distribution of ER-β immunoreactive (Texas Red) and oxytocin immunoreactive (FITC) neurons in the paraventricular nucleus of the female rat brain using a double-label immunocytochemistry method.

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