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This quantity, part of the rules of Philosophy in India sequence, is an exam of the myriad conceptions of realization in classical Indian philosophy.

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5 The above list includes not only the objects of true knowledge, but also such things as body, sense organs, objects (of these senses), intellect (buddhi), mind (manas), action (prav'(ttz), defects (do~a), the succession of birth and death (pretyabhava), fruit (phala), suffering (duqkha), and release (mok~a)6. §e~ika is the knower, the enjoyer, and the agent, in this chapter we shall not follow the usual translation of the 'atman' as 'soul'. But we will translate it as 'self' . After this list of entities, the next s'iitra proceeds to tell its readers how the 'self' (or the atman) is known.?

Centre in will, consist of will, abide in will. Heaven and earth willed, air and ether willed, water and fire willed. Through the will of heaven and earth, rain falls; through the will of rain, food wills; through the will of food, the vital airs will; through the will of the vital airs, the sacred hymns will; through the will of the sacred hymns, the sacrifices will; through the will of the sacrifices, the world wills; through the will of the world, everything wills. This is Will. Meditate on Will.

13. 7. 14. 18. 15. 19. 16. 21. 17. 23. 18. 30. 36 Cit: Consciousness 19. CU, Chapt~r VI. 20. 4-5. 21. 6-7. 22. 43), and subsequently, here. l1khya school as rajas, sattva, and tamas. 23. 3. 24. , 8, 7-12. 25. 1. 26. 1. 27. 1. 28. jagaritastbiJmo babi$prajfiaq saptanga ekonaviT(lsatimukbaq stbillabbugvaiSvanaraq pratbamaq padaq. MAU, 3, svapnastbano ekonavirtz&atimukbaq praviviktabbuk taijaso dvit'iyaq padaq. , 4. yatra supto na kaficana kamaT(l kamayate, na kaficana svapnarrt paSyati, tat SU$Uptam sU$uptastbana ek'ibbutaq prajfianagbana evanandmayo byanandabbuk cetomukbaq prajfiastrt'iyaq padaq.

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