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By S. S. Hasan

The Copts of Egypt are the most important Christian minority within the center East. in recent times they've got frequently figured within the information as sufferers of bloody assaults by way of Islamic militants.
Christians as opposed to Muslims in smooth Egypt is the 1st learn of Christian id politics in modern Egypt. S.S. Hasan starts via how the Coptic new release of the Nineteen Forties and Fifties remembered, recovered, and imagined the traditional heritage of Christianity in Egypt to be able to weld the Copts right into a unified kingdom, immune to the starting to be encroachments of Islam. She argues that this interpretation of background, during which Egyptian martyrs determine prominently, made attainable the rebirth of the Coptic church and community-in a lot an identical method because the protection of Hebrew and the historic reminiscence of Jewish tribulations served the aim of nationwide reconstruction of the country of Israel.
The bulk of the publication makes a speciality of the interval starting with the consecration of Pope Shenuda in 1971. Drawing on wide interviews with church leaders, clergy, and others Hasan reveals that in this era the duties of the church for the welfare of the Coptic neighborhood grew immeasurably. Church leaders arrogated to themselves the specific correct to the political illustration in their group and reconceived their position from the slim care of souls to the advertising of monetary and cultural efflorescence of the complete Coptic group. The leaders of this revival, she exhibits, have nurtured a powerful and targeted non secular tradition with a feeling of communal satisfaction and identification in an atmosphere during which they have been more and more uncovered to discrimination and outright hostility.

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He denounced any Copt who accepted cabinet oYce. When all this pressure, including several Coptic delegations sent to persuade Wahba to resign, failed to bring about a result, an attempt was made on 38 the historical background his life in December 1919. A Copt volunteered for the task, so that no intercommunal tension should result from this action. Finally, in May 1920, Wahba was compelled to step down. 19 Coptic opposition to the British did not end there, however, because among the prerogatives the 1922 treaty had reserved for Britain was the right to protect Egypt’s minorities.

11 But it would be a mistake to reduce the Coptic anti-British attitude to a matter of tactics. The Coptic community had been wary of foreigners ever since the Wfth century when their church had seceded from the rest of the Christian world. The national church of Egypt was extremely xenophobic, and western Christianity had responded in kind, beginning with the Crusaders, who had made no distinction between Muslims and Christians when they entered Egypt in the tenth century, slaughtering the two indiscriminately.

He suggested a proportional scheme that would give Egypt’s minorities 20 percent of the seats in Parliament, and he was supported by Yusuf Qattawi Pasha representing the Jewish community and by Bishop Yuanis representing the church. Al-Watan spoke out in favor of the scheme. But most Coptic politicians, whose interests transcended communal matters, agreed with Abd al-Hamid Badawi Pasha, the chief legal adviser to the constitutional subcommittee, who though himself a strong secularist argued against proportional representation.

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