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The lymphocyte-specific receptors CD70 and CD27 seem to impact the lymphocyte functionality of all subsets on which they're expressed in a bidirectional method. The presence of CD70 on activated T and В cells in addition to reminiscence T and activated reminiscence В cells and that of its ligand CD27 on all naive T cells (both resting and activated) in addition to reminiscence В cells, most likely permits crosstalk among all subsets enthusiastic about antigen-specific immune responses. How-ever. CD70 and CD27 seem to hyperlink not just the T helper reaction with admire to the CTLs and В effector cells. even though info on NK cells are constrained expression of receptor and ligand on resting and activated subsets of those cells could enable extra crosstalk among the 2 kinds of killer effector cells (CTLs and NK cells) with admire to T telephone aid. The latter might give a contribution to the saw hierarchy ofCTL-medialed kill over that of NK cells in combatting virus infections, for example.The mounting proof for the rising synergy of the CD70 course with the CD28 and CD40 routes in vitro runs parallel with the 1st facts for in vivo efficacy of manipulation of this direction in tumor eradication and should bring in new recommendations for immunolherapeutic interventions for different illnesses by myself or along with CD28 and CD40.

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W. Using peephole optimization on intermediate code. ACM Trans. Programm. Lung. Syst. 4,1 (Jan. 1982), 21-36. 28. , AND KAKUSHO, 0. A bottom-up parser based on predicate logic. , Feb. 1984), IEEE, New York, 1984,220-227. 29. WAITE, W. , AND GOOS,G. Compiler Construction. Springer-Verlag, New York, 1984. 30. WARREN, D. H. D. Applied logic-its use and implementation as a programming tool. D. dissertation, Univ. of Edinburgh, 1977 (also appeared as Tech. Note 290, SRI International, 1983). 31. WARREN, D.

The second and third parameters of statement and test are the difference lists for parsing strings derived from the corresponding nonterminals. The procedure eq is simply the unit clause eq(X, X) which unifies its arguments. The effect of freezing on Dl, 02, and 03 is to allow test and the recursive call of statement to be activated only when the pertinent information becomes available. 2) becomes encode-statement(while(Test, Do), Diet, . ) :freeze(Test, encode-test(Test, Diet, L2, Testcode)), freeze(Do, encode-statement(Do, Diet, Docode)).

The built-in predicate read reads individual atoms, and readlist assembles them into a list. The atom stop is used as a flag to terminate the reading. The availability of freeze allows one to write a writelist procedure which outputs the elements of a list as soon as they are read: writelist ([ I). - freeze(L, writelist(L readlist( The same ideas can be used to alternately transfer control among the scanner, the parser, and the code generator. The main procedure compile is compile :- freeze (Tree, encode-statement (Tree, Diet, Code)), freeze(List, parse(Lkt, Tree)), scan(List).

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