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We heard you neglected us. We're again. It's the revenge of print, Cashiers du Cinemart kind. a hundred pages of movie trivialities from wealthy Osmond, Skizz Cyzyk, David MacGregor, Chris Cummins, Mike Sullivan, Andrew Rausch, Joshua Gravel, Ralph Elawani, Jef Burnham, Karen Lillis, Kyle Barrowman, Dion clash, and Mike White. conceal artwork by means of Stephen Blickenstaff! contains tales at the Texas Chainsaw bloodbath franchise, Georgia Peaches, Rolling Thunder, Cabin Boy, Quebecois porn, Breaking Glass, Babe 2, Killer autos, and lots of extra Reindeer Games.

CONTENTS factor 16:

Film competition X is a rip-off through Skizz Cyzyk
Identity & Arnie via Kyle Barrowman
Like looking at a Laurel & Hardy brief via a Fog of Deep melancholy: An Interview with Adam Resnick through Mike Sullivan
Maple Syrup Porn by way of Ralph Elawani
Thank the Pig: Babe: Pig within the urban via David MacGregor
The Sound of Thunder: An Interview with Heywood Gould by means of Andrew Rausch
These Massacres might have been refrained from via Mike Malloy
Book reports by way of Mike White
Regular Features
Contributors by means of a variety of Authors
The Revenge of Print: a piece of writing via Mike White
Breaking Glass: The event is Shattering by way of Chris Cummins
Downtown 2001: A overview essay of Downtown eighty one by way of Karen Lillis
Heaven or Vegas: A Sin urban Sleeper by way of Dion Conflict
Killer vehicles: demise at the street by means of Mike White
Rural Mayhem: Georgia Peaches by way of wealthy Osmond
S&M Cinema: Love now not Given calmly through Mike White
S&M Cinema 2: Documenting the Scene by way of Mike White
The Monster within the Gelatin: An Appreciation of Reindeer video games through Jef Burnham
Video Hodgepodge by way of Joshua Gravel & Mike White

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It kept evolving. It was about a rivalry between two puppet shows. Back in the fifties there was Howdy Doody who was really popular and another puppet show, Rootie Kazootie, that was less popular. I was going to write a movie about two fictitious puppets and the bitter rivalry between the two shows, the creators and producers and stuff. I wanted it to feel like Sweet Smell of Success in the world of 1950s children’s television. MS: That’s a great idea. That could have been a cool movie too. AR: Yeah, maybe I fucked up.

I remember feeling like I was going to puke. The funny thing is, I actually thought it would play well! But they brought in a Pasadena audience who thought they were going to see Splash or something like that. It wasn’t like they saw the movie and thought, “I didn’t care for it” or “Boy, that sucked”…they actually felt violated. It pissed them off. Guys grabbed their dates by the arm and dragged them out of the theater like the movie had just raped them. Very, very strange. To this day, I don’t really get it.

But that’s okay. It’s an ugly world. We need more gentlemen. MS: When I told people I was interviewing the guy who wrote Death to Smoochy, nine times out of ten their eyes lit up and they told me they loved that movie. Critics seemed to have missed the point. They assumed Death to Smoochy was a Barney parody when it really wasn’t. AR: The Barney stuff surprised me because I never thought about Barney when writing that movie. It was just supposed to be a generic looking kids’ show character. I never pictured him looking quite the way he ended up.

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