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K. , 1969, 9, 277. B. Capon, M. C. Smith, E. Anderson, R. H. Dahm, and G . H. Sankey, J . Chem. SOC. (B), 1969, 1038. lZ4 F. Istvan, R. Bognar, I. F. Szabo, and M. Menyhart, Kem. Kozlem, 1968, 30, 297 (Chem. , 1969, 70, 78,259f). 126 B. H. , 1969,10, 105. D. E. Eveleigh and A. S. , 1969, 10, 87. lP7 K. Hiromi,T. Shibaoka, H. Fukube, and S. Ono,J. Biochem. (Jnpnn), 1969,66,63,183. -xylosidase obtained from the liver of Charonia Zampas, a marine gastropod, has been isolated and freed from all other glycosidase activity except towards /3-glucosides.

L~~ Treatment of (16) with methanol in the presence of an acid catalyst gave (1 7) and (1 8), which were found to be interconvertible without anomerisation at C-1. g. (20), and illustrated the influence of the C-6 group on the stabilisation of the carbonium ion. l18 Consistent with this and with other information collected in recent years, methyl 01- and p-D-xylopyranoside and -L-arabinopyranoside were found to anomerise by way of cyclic carbonium ions. lZ0 The hydrolysis was also studied at limited water concentrations as a model for the reaction in foodstuffs.

Maeda, Y. Miichi, and K. Tokuyama, Bull. Chem. Japan, 1969, 42, 2648. V. I. Glazkov, E. M. Malakhaev, and B. N. Stepanenko, Doklady Akad. ,1968, 182, 1322. T. Maeda, M. Kiyokawa, and K. Tokuyama, Bull. Chem. Japan, 1969, 42, 492. R. S. Tipson, B. F. West, and R. F. , 1969, 10, 181. 40 Carbohydrate Chemistry L-Sorbose (pyranose) 1,2-acetaI (pyranose) 1,3:4,6-diacetal (furanose) 1,3-acetaI (keto) 1,3-acetal (pyranose) 1,3:4,6-diacetal (keto) 1,2:4,6-diacetal (furanose) 2,3 :4,6-diacetal (furanose) Scheme 16 Modified procedures have been described for the isolation of 2,3-0isopropylidene-@-D-threo-pentulofuranose and 1,2:3,4-di-O-isopropylideneD-erythro-pentulofuranose after pyridine-catalysed isomerisations of D-xylose and D-arabinose, respectively.

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