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But if you mean it, why have you cut Customs staff - the people who fight VAT fraud and help combat Britain's drug problem? I want an efficient benefits system . We agree! ' 1 want faultless national security. Absolutely! So why encourage private contractors at the expense of security, continuity and efficiency? I want vigorous private industry. We're with you all the way! That's why we opposed your short-sighted closure of MSC Skill Centres, and your cuts in science research budgets. I want value for the taxpayer's nwney.

I am not advocating the abandonment of the traditional idea of collective provision . " (Hodge, 1987) Value for money Also in a post-election interview, Margaret Thatcher promised : bl "We are going to give a wider choice of public provision for people who are not satisfied (with local council services), so that those who produce the services shall not be able to say 'Look! This is it . ' . . As you know, it is not the opposition I want to get rid of, it is central planning and control, the centrally-controlled, socialist society in which your rights come from the government and you do as you are told .

Although there are some striking parallels between 1987 and 1929, there are also very considerable differences3 . The crucial question that any diagnosis of the current crisis must confront is whether these differences are of a fundamental significance . Can This timely article builds on the recent discussion of French regulation theory in Capital & Class . Aglietta's seminal work is subject to careful critical scrutiny and is shown to have major historical and theoretical limitations . The author calls for a non-structuralist/ functionalist analysis of the present crisis .

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