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By Peter Simunovich, John-Paul Brisigotti, Mike Haught

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Pp. 482, 483. 23 PHILO πρόσωπα φησιν είναι νεύοντα προς τό ίλαστήριον πτεροΐς (Exod. χχν. 19), επειδή και ταύτα αντικρύ μέν έστιν αλλήλων, νένευκε δέ 4πι γήν τό μέσον 26 του παντός, φ και διακρίνεται ή δέ μόνη τών του κόσμου μερών έστώσα παγίως Εστία προς τών παλαιών εύθυβόλως ώνόμασται, Ινα περί τι βεβαίως ίδρυμενον ή εκατέρων τών ημισφαιρίων έμμελεστάτη γίγνηται περιπόλησις. ή δε φλογίνη ρομφαία σύμβολον ηλίου' φλογός γάρ ών πίλημα πολλής ώκυδρομώτατον γεγονε τών όντων, ώς ήμερα μια τον σύμπαντα περιδινεΐσθαι κόσμον.

It is the final heaven of all, the vault in which the choir of those who wander not move in a truly divine unchanging rhythm, never leaving the post which the Father who begat them has appointed them in the universe. The other of the Cherubim is the inner contained sphere, which through a sixfold division He has made into seven zones of regular proportion and fitted each planet into one of them. He has set each star in its proper zone as a driver in a chariot, and yet He has in no case trusted the reins to the driver, fearing that their rule might be one of discord, but He has made them all dependent on Himself, holding that thus would their march be orderly and harmonious.

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