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By Christine Mollier

Mollier surveys a number of the 40,000-odd manuscripts present in a sealed chamber at Dunhuang, with a specific eye to the family among Taoism and Buddhism.

Against a history of interfaith contention (in which Taoists might depict Lao-tzu reincarnating as Buddha to transform the foreigners, when Buddhists had Lao-tzu as Buddha's disciple) she unpicks a few attention-grabbing stuff approximately comparable doctrines showing within the texts of the 2 diverse faiths. Buddhist sturdiness sutras prove to have stolen their texts wholesale from Taoist originals; Taoism in go back modelled a whole deity upon a Buddhist bodhisattva.

There is far neighborhood color for somebody who has an curiosity during this type of factor -- descriptions of witchcraft practices (watch out for 'gu'!) and use of the massive Dipper, etc., revealing morsels of perform and trust. entire texts are translated; the scholarship is particularly capable and every now and then wry.

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The four phala, or fruits of the stream-winner, once-returner, non-returner, and arhat. 32. In the Kōyasan version, the poem that follows is preceded by the well-known Taoist formula for invoking the four heraldic animals: “To the left the green dragon, to the right the white tiger. ” 33. In Chinese traditional medicine, an excess of Yang (heat), in the entrails is considered pathological. 34.  3032, which gives the number four instead of six. 35. In Taoist psychophysiological techniques, the “great granary” (taicang 太倉) designates the stomach.

2154, 18/672a 4–7. ” If one practices it in conformity to the rules, he specifies, one obtains all kinds of benefits. The sūtra is also mentioned in other Buddhist catalogues. See Makita (1976): 347–349. The Heavenly Kitchens 29 and the most detailed of the extant versions.  3032 and the Kōyasan manuscripts, are noted as required. The work, following the title and the names of the alleged Indian translators, gives a list of the Three Kitchens: “1. the spontaneous Kitchen of compassion and consciousness of the self; 2.

Prior to this silent recitation, one prepares oneself by means of movements of 21. These Three Evil Ways (durgati) are rebirth in hell, as a hungry demon, or as an animal. The Heavenly Kitchens 31 the mouth and rotations of the tongue. When saliva forms, one swallows it. At the outset, [one practices] for one to three days. If it so happens that the urine becomes reddish, one should not be disturbed. By the end of the third day of recitation, one’s physical forces will dwindle considerably, [but,] following this period of time, at the end of the seventh day, one steadily regains energy.

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