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The pairs of numbers are coordinates of the line intersections. 44 4 Na2O + K2O wt % basanite (TAS) tephrite (TAS) foidite (TAS) 3 andesite (TAS) basalticandesite basalt (TAS) picrobasalt 2 MgO > 18% picrite 1 boninite MgO > 8% & TiO2 < 0. 5% MgO > 18% & TiO2 > 1% meimechite MgO > 18% & TiO2 < 1% komatiite 37 41 45 49 53 57 61 65 SiO2 wt % Figure 22 Classification and nomenclature of 'high-Mg' fine-grained crystalline rocks (picrite, komatiite, meimechite and boninite) using TAS together with wt % MgO and TiO2.

However, the composition of such rocks may not always correspond to one of the rock types at level 7 or 8 to which they are attached on this diagram. trachyandesite benmoreite latite (TAS) mugearite basaltic-trachyandesite shoshonite hawaiite trachybasalt potassic-trachybasalt andesite (TAS) andesitic -rock boninite * basaltic-andesite basaltic -rock FINE-GRAINED NORMAL CRYSTALLINE ROCKS basalt (TAS) phonolite (TAS) phonolitic -rock tephri-phonolite phono-tephrite tephritic -rock basanite (TAS) * The term 'picritic rocks' was recommended by Le Maitre et al.

YES Classify under 'leucitic rocks' NO Go to Figure 2a : 'Can most crystals in the rock be distinguished by the naked eye. 7; Figures 31 and 32 NO Does the rock contain mica and amphibole ? Figure 2 a. Generalised scheme for classifying igneous rocks and igneous sediments. b. Generalised scheme for classifying kalsilitic, melilitic and leucitic rocks, kimberlites, lamproites and lamphrophyres. * Note that rocks containing >10% volcanic fragments may also or alternatively be classified within the schemes for sediments and sedimentary rocks or artificial ground and natural superficial deposits.

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