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By Carol Marinelli

Dr. Iosef Kolovsky is a part of Melbourne's wealthiest and so much infamous family members. by way of day he works as one in every of Australia's best medical professionals, by way of evening he attends glamorous events with the world's elite. Nurse Annie Jameson is a plump simple Jane who is having a nasty week. not just needs to she drop costume sizes ahead of the weekend, the presence of Dr. Kolovsky has bought her flustered and attaining for the cookie jar! She is aware she does not healthy into his glitzy, privileged global, yet his searing seduction is very unlikely to resist....

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Not very much. After just a few moments he returned, his face a touch grey now but his voice extremely steady when he spoke. ’ He shook his head at the hopelessness of it all. ‘She refuses to accept that he is dying—even with round-the-clock nursing and his doctor coming in, she panics all the time. ’ ‘I don’t think he’s well enough to be transferred anyway,’ Jackie said softly. ‘Iosef, would you like to come to my office? ’ Again he shook his head, rubbed the top of his forehead with his index finger for a few seconds as he stared at this father, and for no apparent reason Annie felt a well of tears in her eyes, knew, knew that despite his cool demeanour, despite the fact he appeared supremely in control, detached even—somewhere deep inside this had to hurt.

Instead he was picking up the file and heading out through the curtains. ‘Well, there’s no rush, whoever stitches him. The obs ward is closed till six,’ Annie called to his departing back. ‘Jackie wants—’ ‘Jackie wants the beds used for emergency patients only—which Mr Baker is. ’ ‘It just confuses things if we open it,’ Annie protested. ’ he asked, halting her explanation in its tracks as she stared open-mouthed at possibly the rudest introduction to a colleague she’d ever experienced. ‘Because if you are confused, I will explain things more simply: I want my patient in a bed, I want this cubicle to be utilised rather than providing a babysitting service because it’s easier for the nurses to keep the obs ward closed.

Cheryl rolled her eyes. ‘We might actually get some work out of him this shift, given that Melanie’s not on duty. ’ Cubicle two turned out to be one Mickey Baker—a rather inebriated gentleman who’d provided the background music during handover, and was now snoring contentedly. And though in the real world it might make perfect sense to let him sleep off his excess, Annie needed to do a thorough set of neurological observations to set her own baseline in case he deteriorated during her shift. ‘Afternoon, Mickey,’ Annie called to her patient, and then called again.

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