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I got an electric shock that threw me yards. The thing must have been an electric eel, or something of the sort. Feeling pretty silly, I was picking myself up, and at the same time looking to see if Biggles had noticed what a fool I'd made of myself, when I got another shock. Coming towards me was the father of all crabs. You couldn't imagine such a brute. The shell was a good five feet across ; and the two big claws—well, they were big enough to tear a man in halves if they got hold of him. There was no doubt that the brute had been stalking me, and if the electric shock hadn't bowled me over he would have caught me in the rear, too.

I remember seeing one—in Malaya it was—that grew at the rate of two feet a day. You could almost watch it grow. But these plants round the Wanderer sprouted in front of your eyes, twisting and turning as they came out of the ground, more like reptiles than vegetables. If you don't believe me I can't blame you. I couldn't believe it myself, although I saw it happening. For a minute I just sat and stared like a fool, and by that time some of these infernal weeds were two or three feet long. Some were climbing over the machine, like scarlet runners gone crazy.

Well, we got away eventually and headed for the island, which, according to the position given by the ship, and the speed of the Wanderer, meant a flight of about six hours. It turned out that this was Donald's first flight, but it was plain to see that he wasn't interested in flying. He was only concerned with getting there. He didn't once look out of the window; he squatted on a crate and read a book. But when the island came into sight he produced an enormous telescope and made me hold up the big end while he squinted through it.

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