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4. F. Taeschner, 'Fotowwat in Islamic countries and its emergence in Iran and neighbouring countries in particular ' (in Persian], Revue de Ia faculte de lettres de Teheran, 2, 1 335 (1 956-57), pp. 76-94. M. Mauss, Sociologie et anthropologie, Paris, PUF, 1 983, p. 275. The Man of Integrity 33 fleece his fellow citizens, although nobody can say that he makes any profit for himself except his prestige and influence. Javdnmardi as a Package The word javdnmardi, which thus defines an existential ethic - that is a life style - comes from the idea of youth (javtin, young; mard, man).

In this sense tax collection is as much an opening for negotiations as a mark of arbitrary assertion of power or of the distance between the state and the nation. The formation of a public space, however, should not be seen as a linear process. There is no reason to assume that it will lead to democratisation of the regime in due form. And it is interesting to note that the vast majority of the people we interviewed ruled out the possibility of Mr. Karbaschi being elected President of the Republic.

The ambitions of a javanmard have been narrowed down: ' He is one of the people who bring in daily bread, who ensure daily life goes on ', people say. His generosity has withdrawn inside the confines of his family, who now exhaust the essential portion of his strength. But to go on from there, to believe that this ethic has disappeared, as Taeschnerl forecast more than thirty years ago - that, for us, is going too far. Paradoxically, the shrinking of the javiinmard's field of action widens the social categories that can identify with his values.

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