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By Constantin Floros

With this examine the writer «opened up a formerly locked door of Beethoven study» (Martin Geck). The ebook provides conclusive solutions to questions that had occupied critics for greater than a century. It makes transparent what precisely Beethoven and his contemporaries intended through the time period «heroic». It proves that the «heroic-allegorical ballet» The Creatures of Prometheus is a key paintings for an figuring out of the Eroica, and indicates that Beethoven linked the 1st Consul of the French Republic, Napoleon Bonaparte, with the legendary determine of the Titan Prometheus. The ebook attracts on interdisciplinary researches within the components of Greek Mythology, Napoleonic historical past and Comparative Literature.

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94-111 (in C major) 38 Piece No. 2, a composition sui generis both musically and formally, is likewise conceived programmatically throughout. The plot elements serving as its program are three in number and are described by Ritorni as follows: “Saddened [by the conduct of his creatures], the Titan next tries to threaten them; and when that does not help either, he flies into a rage and even thinks he must destroy his creations. ” Semantic analysis shows that the three sections into which the piece is divided refer exactly to the three situations of this program.

That is what I heard from several of Beethoven’s friends. Count Moritz Lichnovsky (the brother of Prince Lichnovsky), who was frequently in Bernadotte’s company together with Beethoven . . ” One will note that Schindler’s communication in the first edition is still worded very cautiously. In the third edition, however, the matter is presented like a plain fact. Here Schindler writes: The ambassador of the French Republic at the Austrian court at the time was General Bernadotte, later to become King of Sweden.

110-125 mm. 125-180 D major D major (Solo 1mo uomo)33 D major A major (2do solo uomo) D major G major (3zo solo donna) D major (Solo 1mo uomo) D major It should be noted that the piece is rondo-like in that the second phrase of the rondo recurs in the coda (mm. 153-160). 34 The Solos of the Creatures (Nos. 14 and 15) Prior to the Finale, the choreographer placed two dance numbers that would give Prometheus’ children an opportunity to show what they had learned (and for the leading dancers to strut their stuff): the solo of the ballerina Mlle.

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