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In these days Titus was once a prince less than Tiberius within the quarter of Equitania, in a urban of Libia known as Burgidalla. And Titus had a sore in his correct nose, as a result of a melanoma, and he undesirable his face torn even to the attention. There went forth a undeniable guy from Judaea, by means of identify Nathan the son of Nahum; for he used to be an Ishmaelite who went from land to land, and from sea to sea, and in all of the ends of the earth. Now Nathan was once despatched from Judaea to the Emperor Tiberius, to hold their treaty to town of Rome. And Tiberius was once unwell, and whole of ulcers and fevers, and had 9 varieties of leprosy. And Nathan wanted to visit the town of Rome. however the north wind blew and hindered his crusing, and carried him right down to the harbour of a urban of Libia. Now Titus, seeing the send coming, knew that it used to be from Judaea; they usually all questioned, and acknowledged they had by no means obvious any vessel so coming from that area. And Titus ordered the captain to return to him, and requested him who he was once. And he stated: i'm Nathan the son of Nahum, of the race of the Ishmaelites, and i'm a subject matter of Pontius Pilate in Judaea. and i've been despatched to visit Tiberius the Roman emperor, to hold a treaty from Judaea. and a powerful wind got here down upon the ocean, and has introduced me to a rustic that i don't be aware of.

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Then they made a search with great diligence to seek the portrait of the Lord; and they found a woman named Veronica who had the portrait of the Lord. htm 476 Emperor Tiberius said to Velosianus: How hast thou it? And he answered: I have it in clean cloth of gold, rolled up in a shawl. And the Emperor Tiberius said: Bring it to me, and spread it before my face, that I, falling to the ground and bending my knees, may adore it on the ground. Then Velosianus spread out his shawl with the cloth of gold on which the portrait of the Lord had been imprinted; and the Emperor Tiberius saw it.

Then they seized Pilate, and sent him to prison, to be guarded by four quaternions of soldiers at the door of the prison. Then they forthwith sent their messengers to Tiberius, the emperor of the city of Rome, that he should send Velosianus to them. And he said to him: Take all that is necessary for thee in the sea, and go down into Judaea, and seek out one of the disciples of him who is called Christ and Lord, that he may come to me, and in the name of his God cure me of the leprosy and the infirmities by which I am daily exceedingly burdened, and of my wounds, because I am ill at ease.

And Velosianus said: My lord emperor, if I find such a man as may be able to help and free us, what reward shall I promise him? Tiberius said to him: The half of my kingdom, without fail, to be in his hand. Then Velosianus immediately went forth, and went on board the ship, and hoisted the sail in the vessel, and went on sailing through the sea. And he sailed a year and seven days, after which he arrived at Jerusalem. And immediately he ordered some of the Jews to come to his power, and began carefully to ask what had been the acts of Christ.

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